24 November 2023 / 09:45 / Location: Center for Research on Antisemitism, Berlin | Workshop “Antisemitic Imagery Yesterday and Today”

This workshop is a joint event by the Center for Research on Antisemitism, the Kreuzberg Initiative against Antisemitism (KIgA) and the Anne Frank Center (AFZ). It combines scientific and practical pedagogical approaches, raises awareness about antisemitic imagery and offers a reflection of methods of responding to such phenomena. Further information and registration here.

Traveling Exhibition “Plume de fiel. Images de haine” at the Le Piconrue Museum in Bastogne, Belgium

The traveling exhibition “Plume de fiel. Images de haine. Esquisse d’une collection insolite”, which was conceived on the occasion of Arthur Langerman being named “Mensch de l’année 2020”, will be on view at Le Piconrue – Musée de la Grande Ardenne à Bastogne from 10 November 2023 to 21 April 2024. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 9 November 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Declaration of Solidarity

We condemn Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel. The violent excesses of the past few days, in which numerous Israeli citizens and members of other nations were murdered, injured and kidnapped, have deeply appalled us; likewise the malicious expressions of joy worldwide and unfortunately also in Germany. We declare our solidarity with all victims and their families.

Online panel with Arthur Langerman

On 20 June 2023, Arthur Langerman took part in an online panel with The Algemeiner Journal’s senior correspondent Ben Cohen. You can watch the conversation on YouTube.

26 January 2023 / 18:15 / Location: Center for Jewish History, New York City | Panel Discussion “Unmasking Antisemitism“

In the framework of the “#FakeImages” exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters, Dr. Jonathan Brent (YIVO), Dr. Pamela Nadell (American University), Dr. Veerle Vanden Daelen (Kazerne Dossin), Dr. Uffa Jensen (TU Berlin) and Dr. Gavriel Rosenfeld (Center for Jewish History) will share their thoughts on antisemitism in the past and on the alarming revival of antisemitism in the contemporary world.
More information about the program and registration here