Traveling Exhibition “Plume de fiel, Images de haine” at the Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg

The traveling exhibition “Plume de fiel, Images de haine. Esquisse d’une collection insolite”, which has been designed on the occasion of Arthur Langerman’s honoring as “Mensch de l‘année 2020”, will be shown at the Centre culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (Neimënster) from 10 June until 26 July 2022. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 9 June 2022 at 18:30 h.
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4 May 2022 / 18:45 / Location: Bibliotheek Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist | Book presentation and exhibition “Motke & Grand Hôtel”

On 4 May 2022, the journalist Rosine De Dijn will present her book “Overleven na de Holocaust”. It focuses on the “Hotel Motke” in the Belgian sea resort Knokke, which accommodated many Jewish guests after the Second World War. An accompanying exhibition, which features postcards from the Langerman Collection, shows its history.
See the program here

Documentary “Jud Süß 2.0 – Vom NS- zum Online-Antisemitismus”

The documentary, which features numerous images from the ALAVA holdings, as well as interviews with the director of the Center for Research on Antisemitism, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, and our collection director Carl-Eric Linsler, will be broadcast on ARTE on 19 January 2022 at 0:30 and on 25 January at 22:40. In addition, it will be broadcast on ORF 2 on 24 January at 23:25. The film can be seen in advance from 18 January onwards in the ARTE media library.

Exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, Brussels

The exhibition “Plume de fiel, Images de haine. Esquisse d’une collection insolite”, which has been designed by our curator Philippe Pierret on the occasion of Arthur Langerman’s honoring as “Mensch de l‘année 2020”, will be shown, in revised form, under the title “Images caricaturales des Juifs à travers l’histoire. Esquisse d’une collection insolite” at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels from 15 October 2021 until 31 March 2022.
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New publication: Rosine De Dijn, “Überleben nach dem Holocaust”

In her book “Überleben nach dem Holocaust. Über das Grand Hôtel im belgischen Seebad Knokke, das bewegte Leben des Monsieur Motke und wie das jüdische Antwerpen, das ‘Jerusalem an der Schelde’, wieder auflebte”, the Belgian journalist and author Rosine De Dijn also approaches Arthur Langerman’s family history. The publication, which is available in Dutch and German, contains numeous illustrations from the ALAVA holdings.
View the publisher’s announcement here

New publication: “Grenzen des Sag- und Zeigbaren. Humor im Bild von 1900 bis heute”

The collective volume edited by Prof. Dr. Frank Becker and Dr. Antonia Gießmann-Konrads is the result of the eponymous conference, which took place in Essen in June 2019. The book contains an article by Clemens Schwender (“Visueller Humor als Kritik und Ausgrenzung am Beispiel der Postkartenserie ‘Der kleine Cohn’ – Entwicklung einer Humortheorie”) which features several postcards from the ALAVA holdings.
View the publication here

22 June 2021 / 16:00 / Location: Kreuzberg Initiative against Antisemitism, Berlin (virtual event) | Lecture by Carl-Eric Linsler

As part of the ENCATE Certificate Program “Current Forms of Antisemitism,” organized by the European Network for Countering Antisemitism through Education (ENCATE), the Kreuzberg Initiative against Antisemitism (KIgA) and the Center for Research on Antisemitism, Carl-Eric Linsler lectures on “Working with Antisemitic Artifacts.” The ENCATE Certificate Program is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. See the program here

Interview with our collection director

In the interview conducted by the Coordination Centre for Scientific University Collections in Germany, our collection director Carl-Eric Linsler speaks, among other things, about the challenges which arise from working with problematic imagery such as anti-Jewish stereotypes and about a set of objects which holds a special significance for him. See the interview here

The new yearbook of the Center for Research on Antisemitism has been published

Several articles in the Yearbook for Research on Antisemitism (2020) address the phenomenon of visual antisemitism and racism. In their essay, Carl-Eric Linsler and Angelika Königseder present the Langerman Collection and the Arthur Langerman Archive for the Study of Visual Antisemitism. You can find a PDF with the article here

27 January 2021 / 20:00 / Location: Kazerne Dossin, Mechelen (virtual event) | Exhibition Opening

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition #Fake Images: Unmask the Dangers of Stereotypes at the Kazerne Dossin Memorial will be inaugurated in virtual form. The exhibition shows a large selection of images and objects from the holdings of the Arthur Langerman Archive for the Study of Visual Antisemitism. You can watch the ceremony, which will be broadcast in Dutch and French, via this link

Arthur Langerman – “Mensch de l’année 2020“

The Centre Communautaire Laïc Juif in Brussels has named our founder, Arthur Langerman, as “Mensch de l’année 2020” (“Mensch of the Year, 2020”), in recognition of his tireless efforts to preserve the memory of the persecution of Jews and to impart this knowledge to the younger generation. More information here

Plans for our new location

Since the spring of 2019, plans have been underway for the renovation of the building at Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 104-106, into which the Arthur Langerman Foundation and ALAVA will move together with the Center for Research on Antisemitism. Now, we have the architect’s first planning draft.

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