New Publication: Grenzen des Sag- und Zeigbaren. Humor im Bild von 1900 bis heute

The collective volume edited by Prof. Dr. Frank Becker and Dr. Antonia Gießmann-Konrads is the result of the eponymous conference, which took place in Essen in June 2019. The book contains an article by Clemens Schwender (“Visueller Humor als Kritik und Ausgrenzung am Beispiel der Postkartenserie ‘Der kleine Cohn’ – Entwicklung einer Humortheorie”) which features several postcards from the ALAVA holdings.
View the publication here

Interview with our collection director

In the interview conducted by the Coordination Centre for Scientific University Collections in Germany, our collection director Carl-Eric Linsler speaks, among other things, about the challenges which arise from working with problematic imagery such as anti-Jewish stereotypes and about a set of objects which holds a special significance for him. See the interview here

Plans for our new location

Since the spring of 2019, plans have been underway for the renovation of the building at Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 104-106, into which the Arthur Langerman Foundation and ALAVA will move together with the Center for Research on Antisemitism. Now, we have the architect’s first planning draft.

ZfA Research Colloquium

The Center for Research on Antisemitism dedicates its weekly research colloquium during the 2019/20 winter semester to the theme of “Einschluss/Ausschluss. Zur Bedeutung visueller Medien für die Erforschung von Antisemitismus und Rassismus” (“Inclusion/Exclusion. On the Significance of Visual Media for Research on Antisemitism and Racism”). The events are open to all academically interested persons without registration. View the program here