Pedagogical Offerings

The ALAVA holdings are intended to be used in connection with pedagogical projects dedicated to educational, awareness and prevention purposes. The goal is to develop skills in recognizing and deconstructing visual stereotypes: to explain how these images work in order to be able to question and disrupt their impact.

To this end we make visual materials available to the Center for Research on Antisemitism, which trains graduates of its master’s program in “Interdisciplinary Antisemitism Research” for careers in fields such as historical education, and whose lectures and seminars are open to students from all Berlin universities.

Educators from other universities and practitioners in the field of education and youth work will be invited to explore ALAVA’s holdings and use the images for lectures, workshops, continuing education and awareness-raising programs. ALAVA encourages the use of its materials for such initiatives, seeks new collaborations and offers expertise and advice.

If you have any questions, please contact our project coordinator, Dr. Angelika Königseder, or use the contact form below. She can be reached by phone at: +49 30 314 701 29 or via email:

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