Financial Contributions

Every donation helps us to intensify our research as well as educational and exhibition projects, to expand our collection, and to do our part in the prevention of and fight against antisemitism. The Arthur Langerman Foundation is a non-profit institution; donations are tax deductible. Please include your name and postal address in the reference section of any donation, so that we can send you a confirmation for your taxes.

Bank Account for Donations

Recipient: Technische Universität Berlin w/Arthur Langerman Archives · Straße des 17. Juni 135 · 10623 Berlin · Germany

Berliner Volksbank · Wittestraße 30 · 13509 Berlin · Germany
IBAN: DE97 1009 0000 2842 4630 10 · BIC/SWIFT-Code: BEVODEBB

Please ensure that any bank charges are borne by you.

Material Donations

You can also support our work in a lasting way by donating historical and contemporary source material on visual antisemitism. We are interested in visual antisemitic representations from all media genres and epochs. Such donations help us expand our archive, document and research visual antisemitism and provide the broadest and most accessible source material possible to aid in scholarship and educational work.

If you have anti-Jewish image material that you would like to see preserved and used for educational purposes in keeping with scientific criteria, we invite you to contact our collection director Carl-Eric Linsler. All contact will be handled confidentially. He can be reached by phone at: +49 30 314 701 29 or via email: Of course you may also use the contact form below.

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